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03/15/19 - 7PM - Tool Shed

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

Tool Shed | A Banjo, Saw, and a Washtub Bass | A Night of Old Time Folk & Bluegrass Songs    

Baltimore old time folk ensemble “Tool Shed” utilizes a 5 string banjo, a bowed saw, and a washtub bass to bring you an original take on traditional music. Their debut album “Local Liquid Folk Art” is a collection of both original and traditional compositions. The saw combined with the washtub gives the entire album a very fluid feeling, with each song flowing into the next.

The Tool Shed band formed in 2014 for an Artscape event. The band currently consists of Cara White on singing saw and vocals, and Dave Thomas on banjo and vocals. The Tool Shed's repertoire consists of traditional and original material, old time music with a new flavor. They have a brilliant new CD available through OKAY Recordings, as well as all major streaming and download sites.

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