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05/20/18 - 6PM - Creative Nomads

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

Creative Nomads | The Exchange; A Jam Session | A Music Workshop

Creative Nomads' is unique arts education and programming event.

Perfect Your Performance - Practice makes perfect and The Exchange is Creative Nomads' live performance classroom and jam session that offers a safe space for artists to sharpen their craft under the guidance of our Artistic Advisor Monet Shelton. 

Creative Nomads' mission is to both enhance the development of arts professionals and uplift youth through unique arts education and programming.

Creative Nomads is a nonprofit organization that supports a border-less community of arts professionals and youth arts enthusiasts. Through platforms of peer to peer learning experiences and quality colleague connections Creative Nomads designs programs for arts professionals intended to enhance their professional development and craft skills for continued growth and success in their careers. Youth arts enthusiast centered programming comes straight from the arts professionals in our community who are building and then imparting their arts skills on youth who are curious and absolutely benefit from hands on arts education.

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