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09/29/18 - 7PM - Charles Stokes

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

Charles Stokes | Love Pain & Poetry | A Poetry Event

Charles says his poetic journey began in 2009 but... "My brother tells me I've been writing for a really long time. It's somewhat true but those writings were influenced by hip-hop music

I probably wrote my first poem or poem like piece in 2013 in San Francisco." It's titled "Keep dreaming" and is in the first book of Love, Pain & Poetry.

He has spent has spent 15 years serving his country. A father, veteran and writer who writes primarily about love and pain.

Charles believes tone is one of his strongest poetic elements. He writes for sound first. Then edits accordingly. The Depression and It's Acceptance is Charles' second collection of poetry.

It's filed with poems, spoken word, quotes and even has a written lyric or two. This book is focused more on craft than expression. Most should find it an interesting read.

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