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11/08/18 - 6PM - Miles River Band

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

Miles River Band | Live on The Living Stage | A True Country Rock Show

We are Kenny and Charish from The Miles River Band. Our website is, you can find the page that is titled "Listen" for some recorded originals and a link to all of our current recorded original material on SoundCloud. We also have a link to the band's Facebook page on our site. 

We look forward to performing original music at the RL, but have survived for years as a cover band, focusing on mostly classic rock (Stones, Beatles, Dylan, Bowie, Pink Floyd, et al.) and classic country (Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Jr., Kenny Chesney, Willie Nelson, et al.). We are always incorporating new material both as a duo and as a full band. 

Kenny and I have known each other since middle school. We were in a band together in 1990 or 91, and then he went into the Navy, and I moved to Key West for a year. Kenny continued his career in music after the Navy, his former (psychedelic grunge) band was "Narcissus", they cut an album, Something in the Water", and performed locally and regionally. We ran into each other again in 2012, and started recording together soon after. We share a love for music, reading, family, and activism. Kenny is also an accomplished chef. Most of my career was spent training horses and riders in dressage, and studying bodywork with Internationally renowned holistic doctors and practitioners (to help the horses in my program, but I trained on people). Kenny spent about seven years successfully performing as a solo artist in Key West, but moved back to Maryland to be closer to his daughter. I spent my non-band years singing "the bedtime set" to my kids, which was fulfilling at the time. 

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