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03/18/19 - 6:15PM - Greg Connors

Hotel RL Brooklyn Bed Stuy

Greg Connors | Future Nostalgia | A Deconstructive Post-Punk-Death-Folk Concert

Indie-Folk has a new rebel in town and his name is Greg Connors. The singer-songwriter reveals his new track and video today for “Future Nostalgia” which is taking our ears by storm.

Gorgeously crafted, Connors pours his heart and soul into the piece and it’s noticeable. Charming guitars over a heavenly bed of instrumentation bringing the essence of his voice to life, leaving no stone left unturned.  The video which was filmed by George Pereir hits just in time for the holiday rush. One of the most charming releases I’ve heard all year, Greg Connors shows his skills as a songwriter and performer, and a lyrical master as well.

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