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04/28/19 - 7PM - A Game of Thrones 

Hotel RL Brooklyn Bed Stuy

A Game of Thrones | A Competitive Conversation & Viewing Party

The first hour is all about “The Talking GOT” with special guest host.

Then starting hour 2 we move to a live large viewing of The Game of Thrones episode 3!

Enjoy specialty drinks and food until 11PM.

Game of Thrones Specialty Drinks:

Kings Landing Brew (Smoking-Draft beers for $4.00 a glass)

Lannisters Punch (Specialty fruit cocktail $3.00 a glass)

Jon Snow (Any flavored vodka with shaved ice on top $6.00)

Dragon Special (Pitcher of beer with red-dye, Smoking served with 4 shots $25.00)

Specialty Foods:

Dragon Glass pizza

Iron Throne nachos

Three Eye Raven roll sandwich