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08/15/18 - 10AM - Ancient Meditation

Hotel RL Brooklyn Bed Stuy

Mireille Edouard | Empowering Others | An Ancient Meditation & Restorative Health Hour

Mirielle Edouard is a Meditation Instructor, Personal Power Motivational Coach, Empowerment Speaker, Infamous Truth-Teller, and the author of the highly anticipated book, "The Hazy Unicorn: The Not-So-Perfect Guide to Mastering Meditation in 31 Days", due for release in Spring 2018. Mirielle believes, that, everyone has the power to achieve our wildest dreams, and in order to do so, they just must be willing to slow down, and go within, for turn-by-turn directions, to make them happen. In 2011, after being laid-off from a 12-year career in corporate sales and marketing, Mirielle Edouard went on to launch several entrepreneurial ventures, before building her successful holistic marketing agency, ReDefining You! Marketing, Branding, & Events, and empowerment-driven meditation practice, Ancient Meditation & Restorative Health. With a passion for empowering others to live balanced lives as their pursue their goals, Mirielle's upcoming millennial meditation book, The Hazy Unicorn: the NotSo-Perfect Guide to Mastering Meditation in 31 Days, seeks to inspire others, to overcome the desire to do things perfectly, and dive right in. She reinforces this message on her weekly personal development and meditation podcast, Magical Mess Podclass, which is available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Play, & Stitcher.

Please also take a moment and read about Mirielle’s amazing new book!

The Hazy Unicorn: The Not-SoPerfect Guide to Mastering Meditation in 31 Days, is everything you need to know, to overcome meditation perfectionism and dive right in, Written by meditation aficionado and notorious storyteller, Mirielle Edouard, this book provides daily support to assist you in developing your personal meditation practice, while becoming mindful and self aware in the process.

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