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01/13/18 - 6PM - A View Of Earth From The Moon

Hotel RL Olympia

A View Of Earth From The Moon | Closer to a Ghost

Building on a career that spans over 17 years with a history that includes Seattle, New York City, and everywhere in between, Jon Fickes proudly debuts his most ambitious album yet, Closer to a Ghost. The album, a release by his newest musical endeavor, A View of Earth from the Moon, is “everything I’ve always wanted a record to be.” The album’s twelve songs exhibit everything from blind irreverence to crippling obsession; from selfless love to complete emptiness; from boundless joy to unshakable regret. 

Recorded in Seattle and mixed in L.A., “Closer to a Ghost” is meant for an audience that likes loud and unapologetic rock ‘n’ roll. The album celebrates being “over the top” and many of Fickes’s influences are unmistakable."

A View of Earth from the Moon’s debut LP, Closer to a Ghost, is an unashamed mashup of noisy 90’s Britpop, uninhibited garagey rudeness, and anthemic melodies that take the listener to a place where loudness is king.

“Closer to a Ghost” was recorded in Seattle by Shawn Simmons (The Head and the Heart, My Goodness, Lemolo) and mixed in L.A. by Bryan Cook (OneRepublic, Radiohead, Train)

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