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02/16/19 - 7PM - Nicole Blair

Hotel RL Olympia

Nicole Blair | No Limits | An Americana Folk Music Artist Concert

When I was five years old, I climbed up onto a piano bench and started playing by ear all of the music I had heard in church and from the songs my brothers were learning in piano lessons.  Next thing I knew, I was taking lessons along with my brothers.  Fast forward to 1979: I earned a BA in piano. In college I sang in a gospel rock band.  I dreamed of writing my own songs and making records--at long last, in 2008, I picked up a guitar, took lessons, and started writing. I now have two CDs to my credit--Little Queenie (2016) and No Limits (2017). My next CD release will be in the spring of 2018, but before that, I will be releasing a 4-song EP.

I am a solo acoustic artist and my style is Southern Americana--all of my songs reflect my roots in South Mississippi and the Gulf Coast region where I grew up listening to country, rock, and blues. Most of my songs tell a story--not all of the stories are about me. I am constantly writing and always learning something new about this craft.  It is pure joy.

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