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05/14/19 - 7PM - Athena McIntyre

Hotel RL Olympia

Athena McIntyre | The Wanderer Tour | An Acoustic Folk Rock Event   

Athena McIntyre is well known for her powerful performances. Not being held to one specific genre, she dances around with sounds and techniques she picks up through the passion of music as she creates her songs. This singer/songwriters versatility is quite eclectic. Acoustic, alternative, rock mix. With flares of the good old 60's - 70's power house singers, and storytelling that brings you back to real music.

With a voice of clarity and diva qualities often compared to Linda Perry, Grace Slick, And Pat Benitar. She can also be quite soft with her vocal approach like Sarah McLachlan, or Jewel. She pours her heart and soul into the lyrics of her story and often leaves a crowd captivated and wanting more.

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