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05/18/19 - 1PM - Kristen Rubis

Hotel RL Olympia

Kristen Rubis | All in the Stars Full Moon Celebration | A Sacred Sound Healing Walk Though

A Sacred Sound Healing Concert includes pranayama, meditation, an individual Zapphir Chime attunement and a spontaneous, healing sound bath.

Throughout time and within many cultures, music and sound have been at the heart of healing. Sound Healing is a technique in which sounds, vibrations, musical tones and frequencies are used to help restore, maintain, and improve one's state of mind, body and spirit.

I create intentional space while offering a sacred sound healing through a crystal quartz singing bowls, Tibetan metal bowls, planetary chimes, tingshas, bells, a handheld root bowl, a soothing rose quartz alchemy bowl and a healing gong.

After a sound healing treatment most people report a feeling of deep relaxation and an improvement in the function of mind and body. Structural imbalances in the body will often correct themselves during the sound treatment.

I started working with tuning forks and Sound Acutonics in 2004 with my yoga students and eventually my massage clients. Then I created and began offering Sacred Sound Concerts, Sound Healing Yoga Workshops, Weddings and Special Sound Healing Events in 2009. The years I spent learning about yoga, wellness and the therapeutic benefits of vibrational music have been channeled into “Sacred Sound Healing” my first professional recording, created in December 2012. I began touring with my Sacred Sound Healing CD in 2013 and offered nearly 80 sound healing experiences in the first year. I continue to travel and tour with my Sacred Sound Healing & Yoga.

“Sacred music is becoming a bigger part of my path and a deeper part of my service. I listen with my hands and heart while I trust in the divinity of this sacred music. The mystery, magic, and medicine of the healing sound moves through me with deep grace. I am humbled and honored to share this ‘Sacred Sound Healing’ with the world."

Come set your intentions and receive this Divine blessing.

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