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12/01/18 - 6PM - Jessica Haffner

Hotel RL Olympia

Jessica Haffner | Live on The Living Stage | An Emotionally Charged Acoustic Concert

Jessica has been a musician nearly all her life, learning to sing and play from watching her mother in church, choir in school, and many musical friends over the years. Music has always been a soundtrack of her life and always a big part of how she learns about and processes the struggles, loves, loss, and all the highs and lows life has to offer. When asked "why do you play now", her reply "It's interesting how kids can make you dig deep to answer all the "whys". The other day, I asked my son why he thought people play music and he said, “To make money." After a good laugh, I told him that the majority of musicians don't actually make that much money. I told him that we play because it is our way of connecting with others. It is our way of helping others connect with an emotion. It helps them identify and process the feelings and experiences we gain throughout our lives. And...of course, I want my kids to see me doing what I love so they are inspired to never stop pursuing their dreams and passions."

She is influenced by many different types of music, creating soothing acoustic covers of a wide variety of artists from different genres. Her original songs are melodic, dynamic, and emotionally charged. Her plans for 2018 include writing more original songs, recording an album, increasing her bookings and following in the Spokane area, and collaborating with other local artists.