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03/27/19 - 7PM - Digisaurus

Hotel RL Salt Lake City

Digisaurus | The Living Stage Residency | A Pop Rock Mash-Up Made in Heaven Event

Digisaurus is the electronic synthpop/rock moniker of artist and producer, James Allison. Born in London, England, Allison has played music for most of his life, but focused his skills when he opened the recording studio, Electraplay, in Columbus, Ohio. At Electraplay, Allison collaborated in sessions with numerous acts like Phantogram, Maps and Atlases, and Ezra Furman. Electraplay quickly built a reputation as a hub for the Columbus music scene to make records, and that gave Allison the opportunity to collaborate with a wealth of talent. While reaching various levels of success with other bands, Allison started to get the itch to step out of a complimentary role and start his own project. Digisaurus was born.

With a sound somewhere between the lines of Chromeo, Daft Punk, and Nine Inch Nails, Digisaurus produced his first EP, “No More Room For Love,” with Michael Landolt (Maroon 5, Michael Franti) which included breakthrough single “Without Me” (currently at over 300,000 streams) in 2015. Following a quick start, Digisaurus had to plan the next phase of his musical evolution. He became frustrated by the lack of performance opportunities at home and found the new path to fame for an independent artist in the music industry expensive, unsustainable, and sociopathic. Digi wanted to improve as a performer and found inspiration in the story of the Beatles humble beginnings in Hamburg (in which they played five hour gigs, seven nights a week, for two years). So he closed his studio, bought a van, and hit the road. 

Digisaurus has played over 400 shows in the past two years at dives, houses, coffee shops, breweries, wineries...wherever would have him to hone his skills as a performer. His progress has been reciprocated in 2018 with club gigs and festival appearances alongside acts like tuneYards, Parquet Courts, Joywave, and Japanese Breakfast. While touring, Digisaurus continues to release new content through a monthly single series, a weekly blog, and a podcast. Watching Digisaurus develop his craft through dedication and fearless commitment to expressing himself artistically is a lesson in letting it all go to follow your true passion.

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