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05/18/19 - 2PM - Good Vibes Collective

Hotel RL Salt Lake City

Good Vibes Collective | Full-Moon Meditation & Sound Bath | An Astrology Class and Sacred Sound Healing Concert

The first 30 minutes of the class will be devoted to all things astrology surrounding the full moon in Scorpio.

This part will be taught by Louise Edington. She is a Soul Astrologer and Author who helps you to navigate the stars to find your soul's true purpose. After the first 30 minutes we will lead right into the Kundalini sound bath.

Welcome to the Good Vibes Collective! This is a place where you can find wholeness and healing, joy, and light. It’s a collection of my favorite things—things that have good vibes and bring about elevated living. While you’re here, I hope you’ll find a little more of what you’re seeking on your journey through life.

You have experienced great suffering. I have too. In reality, we all suffer. It’s part of this gig called life, and there’s no way around it. But if you can pause for a moment and sit in your suffering, I bet you’ll realize that the greatest lessons you’ve learned have come about as a direct result of that deep, gritty pain. In short, our pain is beautiful and can be our greatest teacher if we let it. Kundalini yoga and meditation paired with sound therapy will bring greater awareness, wholeness, and healing to your life, so that even in the midst of suffering, you can still have joy.

Good Vibes Collective was created by Tara Walker to provide tools like online yoga & meditation courses, high-vibe music, coaching sessions, and sound healing events that empower people on their personal journeys to find wholeness and healing.

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