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05/18/19 - 7PM - Ex-Okay

Hotel RL Salt Lake City

Ex-Okay | Awkward Silence Album Release | A Charismatic Hard Rock Concert

Ex-Okay was started in June 2009. Tom was the person who created the name after going to a local show. He played in three other bands prior to Ex-Okay. Tom writes all the music, not including bass lines and drum tracks. The original band members played shows in 2010 but decided to go their separate ways. 

In 2011 Tom started recording at a studio. He recorded two songs: Overseers Thirst for Revenge and If You Only Knew What I Know. Tom wrote 10 more songs for his album and went back into the studio to record them in 2015. In Regards was his newest single released as a song and music video in fall 2015. The band members featured in the video are Tom on guitar, lead singer; Clint on rhythm guitar; Cameron on bass, and Brian on drums.

Ex-Okay's finished album is scheduled to be released in Dec, 15 2018. The songs feature fast beats, melodic vocals, guitar riffs, piano, and violin play, as well as screams.

In early 2017 Ex-Okay went into N.R.G Studios with 'Joe Haze' to mix "Awkward Silence" the band has released there second single locked on vevo. We would like to say to all my fans out there, thanks for the support.

Ex-Okay has gained Zach & Brittan as well as Brian we will see you all on the road!

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