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06/17/19 - 5PM - Soulful Revolution

Hotel RL Salt Lake City

Soulful Revolution | All in the Stars Full Moon Celebration | A Night of Tarot Card Reading

A long-time TV news producer, media consultant, video producer and marketing director, one day.... all that felt like it was someone else's life. A life I created, but not a life I loved. 25 years ago, I began to meditate, connect with my guides and I took up tarot under the skillful direction of Jeanne Fiorini in South Portland, Maine. In 2017, the business I had built on my previous accomplishments ceased to provide any love or warmth.....and I turned to my old friend, tarot, to provide guidance. Over the short span of a few months, the old me was gone and the new, more connected, more soulful, more real me took over....and Soulful Revolution was born.

Not just my work....or a path....but a new way of living. A philosophy for life.

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