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06/29/19 - 7PM - Alicia Stockman

Hotel RL Salt Lake City

Alicia Stockman | We Fit Together Album Release | A Musical Performance of Original Songs by Americana Singer-Songwriter

In musicals, it’s perfectly normal for people to waltz down the street and break into song. People often laugh at this genre, but, there’s something to be said about the connection between music and storytelling. Alicia is not a chart-topping pop star. She is a singer and songwriter who is passionate about the power of music. She prefers to sing to people, as opposed to singing at them.

Alicia has always been profoundly influenced by the likes of Patty Griffin, Indigo Girls, Susan Tedeschi, and strong female vocalists in general. The aspiring young musician joined a band in 2010, and for the first time, she realized how serious her connection to music was – Americana, folk, rock, and blues in particular.

Her fellow bandmates showed her the ropes, and it was then that Alicia realized how much she had to learn about her voice as an artist, not just as a singer in a cover band. The music the band plays in Bonanza Town is high energy. As an emerging soloist, Alicia prefers to tell stories.

Alicia is proud to have achieved more than she ever thought she would. She was crowned the winner of the 2017 Suzanne Millsaps Performing Singer Songwriter Showcase. Alicia attributes her success to her authentic style and emotive approach.

Alicia does everything in her power to connect with her audience through memories, experiences, and passion. In a world where music can be “made” at the push of a button, Alicia is an advocate of bringing society back to its roots through the experience of pure, raw music.

For the first time, Alicia is recording her own songs – all written from the heart. This is her first go-around in the music-recording business as a solo artist. Live performance has always been her strong suit – but she is loving the new challenge. Her plan is to continually release singles until… well, who knows? It’s an invigorating new journey for Alicia as a blossoming solo artist.