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11/14/18 - 6PM - Johnny Yuma

Hotel RL Salt Lake City

Johnny Yuma | Rest in Peace Tour | A Dusty, Dirty, Rock'n Roll Rhythm & Blues Event

Johnny Yuma communicates with the legends of the past; Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, and Cream would have understood what Johnny Yuma is doing.  Elliot Heerman on bass and lead vocals, Patrick Irwin on guitar, and Jane “Damage” Halderson on drums Johnny Yuma creates a sound that “makes you feel like flicking a lit cigarette at a gas station and walking away in slow motion” (The Eulogist).  Born in Minneapolis with a fearlessness that has taken them all over the country Johnny Yuma has not stopped writing, recording, and touring since its inception. Johnny Yuma in its simplest form? Dusty, Dirty, Rock and Roll. 

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