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11/15/18 - 6PM - Roy Catlin

Hotel RL Salt Lake City

Roy Catlin | From Being Lost Tour | An Evening of Original Acoustic Music

Roy Catlin brings a new feel to a classic genre. Lush with beautiful acoustic guitar work, addicting vocal melodies, and a deep rooted progressive folk sound. Hailing from Colorado, singer songwriter Roy Catlin began writing for his solo project in early 2013 after playing with several progressive rock and metal bands. After some time, Roy realized he was really being driven more by the songs he had been writing on his own. The songs were more personal, and real for him. In 2014, he decided this was where he needed to be as an artist and started focusing on his project full time. A year later, his debut album "From Being Lost" was born.

Drawing influence from the likes of John Frusciante and Elliot Smith, Roy has managed to construct a sound that not only pays homage to his predecessors but stands on its own. Jer from Sleeping Bag Studios writes, "The guitar-work from Roy is like half-Dashboard & half-Explosions In the Sky…and he sings this one like he’s trying to reclaim his very soul." This is the essence of Roys music, beauty melodies, and honest and thought provoking lyricism.  

With releases in 2018 such "The Warrior" and "Anxiety" Roy has shown his versatility as an artist, while also maintaining his roots. His captivating live looping performances have been enjoyed by audiences all over Colorado. With extensive tours being planned for the immediate future, Roy plans to share his personal and unique music all over the United States, and one day the world. 

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