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11/26/18 - 6PM - Ben Brinton

Hotel RL Salt Lake City

Ben Brinton | Poli_tiks (Black/White): The Open-Ended Question | A Singer-Songwriter Comedy Improv Event

Ben Brinton, and his 12-string acoustic guitar Penelope, bring a chunky heart-warming rhythm to charged lyrics and beautiful songwriting. From Salt Lake City, Utah, Ben will be performing a collection of original songs from his most recent album Poli_tiks (Black/White)*,  where you will hear the back-story to his most popular songs, and enjoy his midwest Americana acoustic influence, as he delivers a humorous and informative show.

*Poli_tiks - (Black/White) is available on Spotify and iTunes.

Ben is from Salt Lake City, Utah and has been playing the guitar for over 20 years. He is currently producing another album, set to release next year, while performing music and comedy improv with various bands and comedy improv troupes around the Wasatch front. You can book Ben, or his comedy trio ToySoup with Beans, for your special event by visiting his website.

Find out more about his upcoming shows and new music video release by following him on Spotify.

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